Review from ROAPE Volume 17 Number 49
Debt and Imperialism/The Debt Squads (2 bks)

Debt and Imperialism: "A Fate Worse than Debt: A Radical New Analysis of the Third World Debt Crisis" by Susan George; "The Debt Squads: The US, the Banks and Latin America" by Sue Branford, Bernardo Kucinski
Vol.17 No.49 (Winter 1990), pp111-116
In the past decade the concept of imperialism has been conspicuously absent in any serious analysis of the problems of the underdeveloped lands. However, in the third world itself, the term retained its vigour, as the people of the ‘countryside of the world’ try to make sense of their deteriorating social, economic and political situation. In the metropoles, the triumph of the New Right posed a major threat to radical scholarship in general, and third world studies in particular.