Review from ROAPE Volume 17 Number 48
Computerizing Apartheid (Slob)

Computerizing Apartheid by Gert Slob
Vol.17 No.48 (Summer 1990), pp126-129
This authoritative information source from the Holland Committee on Southern Africa on the trading of information technology with SA, though subtitled ‘export of computer hardware to South Africa’ , is broad in scope, covering software and licences, exports from the Republic, and growing acquisition of key western information technology companies. Contrast is made of the ineffective US military-technology sanctions and those applied to COCOM (Warsaw Pact) countries. &break; Includes details of the chip manufacturer SAMES, the part-civilian/part-military CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), and the SA computer companies SKOK, Pink Software, Comcon, Syspro and especially Altech whose British subsidiary Peek Holdings owns the military-supplying Sarasota Technology and Husky Computers.