Review from ROAPE Volume 17 Number 48
Organise and Act: Natal Workers Theatre 1983-87 (von Kotze)

Organise and Act: The Natal Workers Theatre Movement 1983-1987 by Astrid von Kotze
Vol.17 No.48 (Summer 1990), pp116-121
A growing awareness of the resilience and importance of black working class culture, expressed through the diverse forms of song, dance, music and (occasionally) writing has come to mark the cultural scene in SA in the last decade. Gone, hopefully, are the days when academics and political activists either dismissed culture as irrelevant, or tried to decide for workers whether the culture that emerged was ‘suitable’ or not in an ideological or political sense. This arrogant viewpoint, based on ignorance and manipulation, is being replaced to some extent in contemporary SA by debate. What is becoming clear is how little was actually known in the past by middle-class activist and intellectual alike about what black workers believe, want or perceive. It is also beginning to dawn on people that the many forms of expression in existence among the black proletariat in SA are a crucial constituent of any future political or cultural dispensation. FOSATU COSATU UDF-Inkhata DWCL The Long March