Review from ROAPE Volume 15 Number 43
African Agriculture: The Next 25 Years

African Agriculture: The Next 25 Years
Vol.15 No.43 (Winter 1988), pp128-132
Poverty and Hunger: Issues and Options for Food Security in Developing Countries by World Bank by Donna Pankhurst The catalyst for these two reports was clearly the drama of African crises in the mid-1980s and as such they sum up the solutions offered by the different parts of the international agencies. It will come as no surprise to readers of this journal to see the substance of the Bank and FAO's solutions are still in their different ways basically mainstream - the Bank as usual quite sophisticated and more unambiguously the voice of international capital, the FAO typically reflecting the different currents found in any UN agency. However, both reports make interesting reading because, whatever one makes of them, they demonstrate attempts to respond to radical analyses of African agriculture and the causes of hunger and poverty.