Review from ROAPE Volume 15 Number 41
Africa: Perspective on Peace and Development (Hansen)

Africa: Perspective on Peace and Development by Emmanuel Hansen (ed)
Vol.15 No.41 (Spring 1988), pp102-104
In the context of the present crises in Africa, the questions of peace and development are of paramount importance and demand serious attention. The statistics are astounding: half the countries of Africa cannot feed themselves. In the past ten years, there has been a negative real growth rate in GDP in about twenty African countries. Africa has the highest number of refugees in the world. And about half of the major conflict areas in the world are to be found in Africa. How are we to understand these problems? What are the preconditions for peace and development in Africa? How are peace and development connected? These are crucial and neglected questions and it is to the credit of this book that it takes them up.