Obituary from ROAPE Volume 13 Number 37
Aquino de Braganca

Aquino de Braganca
Vol.13 No.37 (Winter 1986), pp4-5
The shock and great sadness, followed by a sense of anger which greeted the death of Samora Moises Machel, President of Mozambique, was reinforced by those who knew the thirty-three others who died in the plane crash with him. Among them was one old friend of the Review since its formation, Aquino de Braganca, Director of the Centre of African Studies, Eduardo Mondlane University. He was born in the Portuguese colony of Goa, on the Indian sub-continent, in the mid-1920s. At the age of thirteen, he left home to engage in anti-colonial politics, being particularly dissatisfied with the methods of Mahatma Gandhi. He gained a degree in physics, but scorned a safe career in favour of political activism, which took him from country to country, while he earned a living as a journalist. As a result he came to know many people who played an important role in African history, as well as enjoying the company of intellectuals such as Jean-Paul Satre.