Article from ROAPE Volume 12 Number 32
Central American Revolutionary Strategy in the 1980s

‘Learn from Others, Think for Ourselves’ : Central American Revolutionary Strategy in the 1980s
Vol.12 No.32 (Spring 1985), pp56-63
The different revolutionary struggles under way in Central America are enriching strategic thinking throughout Latin America - and may hold lessons for other regions. Eschewing reformism, on the one hand, and pat formulae imported from struggles elsewhere, on the other, new strategies have been evolved, often combining different tactics In a creative synthesis; new kinds of class alliances have been forged that also involve women, and Indian and black minorities. These advances have been mode possible by, and have in turn strengthened, a unity of different parties and tendencies of a previously fragmented Left. The unity is itself a product of a consensus around the new strategies, reached through self-criticism and frank debate - but depends on each group giving up the claim to monopolise the vanguard.