Briefing from ROAPE Volume 11 Number 31
Tanzania: Human Resources Deployment Act 1983

Tanzania: The Human Resources Deployment Act 1983 - A Desperate Measure to Contain a Desperate Situation
Vol.11 No.31 (Winter 1984), pp82-87
Tanzania's economic performance in the 1980s has been the worst since independence in 1961. Decline in real GDP was recorded for the first time in 1981 and by 1983 no recovery had been recorded. In 1981 the aggregate value of output from productive sectors declined from shillings 5, 677 million in 1980 to 5,019 million in 1981 and 4, 459 million in 1982. The 1980s also witnessed a serious shortage of virtually everything, whether locally produced or imported, from food products to fuel and other consumer goods. A government statement on the shortage of fuel lamented that ‘the nation is going through a critical period in its history’ , attributing the fuel shortage to ‘the unavailability of adequate foreign exchange to purchase the entire fuel needs of the nation’ (Daily News, 25 June 1983). In 1983, for the first time since independence, food was rationed.