Briefing from ROAPE Volume 10 Number 26
Statement Response to Nimieri's Dismissal of 44 Judges

Statement of Judges of Sudan's Provincial and District Courts in Response to President Nimieri's Dismissal of 44 Judges. Issued 11 June 1983, Khartoum
Vol.10 No.26 (Summer 1983), pp79-81
Sudan's deepening crisis is reflected on many fronts. In early June 1983, a presidential decree was issued ordering the dismissal of 44 judges on grounds of corruption and other matters. Given that this time they were themselves the target of the apparently arbitrary exercise of power, the judiciary as a whole wore moved to offer their resignations. With the courts out of action, the judiciary gave the following explanation for their collective action, thereby adding to criticism issuing from elsewhere in Sudanese society an Indictment of the regime from a relatively privileged group. In this instance as in others, the President remained unmoved. He accepted their resignations and ordered that the ensuing vacancies be filled by suitable individuals with experience or otherwise.