Briefing from ROAPE Volume 10 Number 26
Defence Statement of El Tigani El Tayyib Babikir

The Defence Statement of El Tigani El Tayyib Babikir before The Sudan Military Court, 15 July 1982
Vol.10 No.26 (Summer 1983), pp69-78
El Tigani El Tayyib Babikir was one of the founders of the Communist Party of Sudan (CPS) in 1946 and among the leaders of the Anti-Colonialist Front (a broad leftist body that played a major role in the anti-colonial struggle of the early 1950s). He was the CPS representative on the editorial board of the Prague-based quarterly Peace and Socialism in the 1960s and in Sudan was editor of the CPS daily paper, AI Midan. Tigani was one of the organisers of CPS under-cover activities against the Nimeiri regime, from 1971 until his arrest in November, 1980. He languished in solitary confinement in the State Security complex for two years without trial. In the summer of 1982 he was brought before a military court where, in his defence, he made a long statement condemning the regime, excerpts of which follow. The court sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment and at present he remains in the infamous Kober prison.