Article from ROAPE Volume 10 Number 26
Change amoung West African Settlers in Northern Sudan

Change amoung West African Settlers in Northern Sudan
Vol.10 No.26 (Summer 1983), pp45-59
In this article Duffield traces the change in the economic location of the Takari - immigrants from Northern Nigeria - between the colonial and post-colonial periods, noting the extent to which this change parallels and reflects a more general societal process of the increasing dominance of capitalist over pre-capitalist production. The Takari Were formerly manual labourers and peasant cultivators, but have increasingly moved into new positions, becoming independent artisans, small capitalist transporters and merchants. As their form of economic integration has changed, so too have relations within their families. In addition it is possible to see a change both in the nature of the self identity of the Takari and in the manner in which they are perceived by other groups in Sudanese society. Ultimately the case of the Takari reveals an important relation between class, ethnicity and nation.