Review from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 25
Ethiopian Revolution (Halliday/Molyneux)

The Ethiopian Revolution by Fred Halliday, Maxine Molyneux
Vol.9 No.25 (Winter 1982), pp118-127
This study of the Ethiopian revolution by Molyneux and Halliday is a Marxist historical study. Its main task is to situate the revolution in ‘historical time’ . This means clearly identifying the class character of the revolution. Halliday && Molyneux take as their starting point that what has taken place in Ethiopia is a ‘sociopolitical transformation of a depth rare in the contemporary Third World’ (p.12). They would argue that the revolution represents simultaneously two historical moments. On the one hand, it is part of the typically 20th century postcolonial revolutionary process. On the other hand, it clearly has features which place it ‘in the earlier time of revolutions against a decaying pre-capitalist order’ (p.23).