Briefing from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 25
Political Clash in the Aftermath of 1981 Nigerian General Strike

The Political Clash in the Aftermath of the 1981 Nigerian General Strike
Vol.9 No.25 (Winter 1982), pp104-112
Reactions to the 1981 general strike, which began on May 11 and ended three days after, varied (see ROAPE 22), being particularly bitter among the ‘political class’ of politicians, business executives and top civil servants. The term ‘political class’ is used to reflect Nigerian political life: numerous businessmen are party stalwarts and legislators, a number of legislators and other politicians have become businessmen overnight. Top bureaucrats formulate and implement policies - apart from directly participating in the award of an ever-growing number of contracts to party faithfuls and ghost companies (as analysed by Turner in ROAPE 5).