Obituary from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 25
Attati Mpakati

Attati Mpakati
Vol.9 No.25 (Winter 1982), p65
The assassination squads have struck again. As this Issue goes to press, we have just had the tragic news that a brave and committed African activist has been shot. Attati Mpakati was the leader and a founder of the Socialist League of Malawi (LESOMA) - a movement with which we have been proud to be associated since its inception. Indeed, its inaugural statement of 1974 was published in ROAPE No.4, and one of its recent statements, on Malawi and SADCC, appeared in ROAPE No.22. Throughout that period we have kept in touch with Comrade Mpakati. So our sorrow over a remarkable African scholar whose commitment to socialism in the practice should be an inspiration to many. But we on the Review also grieve over a friend, whose courage and unfailing good humour we grew to admire.