Note from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 24
Oshikuku Roman Catholic Mission Massacre

Oshikuku Roman Catholic Mission Massacre
Vol.9 No.24 (Summer 1982), p122
On 10 March 1982 at a traditional homestead near the Oshikuku Roman Catholic Mission, 10 innocent Namibian men, women and children were cold-bloodedly massacred by soldiers belonging to the so-called Ovambo home-guard which forms part of the South African Army of repression and colonial occupation in Namibia. The soldiers came to the homestead, brandishing automatic weapons with fixed bayonets. They then ordered all 12 members of the extended family to line-up. Minutes thereafter, they started spraying their victims with bullets. Only two survived - by feigning death. They have unmistakably identified the soldiers. They recognised a certain Nakale whom they described as an infamous and brutal commander of a task force of the South African army known as "Koevoet". (Sam Nujoma - in a speech to European Parliament in Brussels - 28 September 1982.)