Note from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 24
Appeal for Funds to Bury Maseru Dead

Appeal for Funds to Bury Maseru Dead
Vol.9 No.24 (Summer 1982), p121
"89.4% agreed that South Africa should attack so-called terrorist bases in neighbouring states" &break; Today, the 10th of December 1982, Human Rights Day, we visited the mortuary in Maseru where the victims of a massacre by the South African Defence Force of the night before were housed. The room, usually adequate for the needs of this small city of Maseru was overfilled. The mortuary space is for 33 people but as we went in to view the bodies of my murdered countrymen we observed that the bodies needed to be piled on the floor and some of the shelves had two or three bodies piled on top of each other. Those bodies were those of 9 Basotho and 34 of my countrymen - women and children. I recalled the film I had seen recently, Missing, showing the American involvement in the Chilean Coup. Unlike the film which depicted endless dead on several floors, the cooling system of the Maseru mortuary was totally inadequate and the stink was awful. As we attempted to identify our people, others called to remove their dead for funerals on the next day wearing masks over their mouths and noses. &break; That day of destruction is over but the crisis continues. The relatives of the victims need to bury their loved ones. Clothing needs to be replaced, houses restored and lives reconstructed. An estimated amount of 179,000 Maloti will be required to assist in the process of reconstruction and funeral expenses. Please send clothing to PO Box 1585, Maseru. Donations can be made to the Lesotho Bank Account NO.SBD 64306 "Bury Maseru Dead".