Briefing from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 24
Notes on Offensive in Mozambique and Relation to Agric.

Notes on the Political and Organisational Offensive in Mozambique and its Relationship to Agricultural Policy
Vol.9 No.24 (Summer 1982), pp114-120
In the article ‘Mozambique's’ Presidential Offensive - We are declaring war on the enemy within (Peoples' Power, No.16, 1980) Richard Williams made an interpretation of the organisational and political offensive launched at the beginning of 1980 in Mozambique. The main aim of the article was to argue against the simplistic views prevalent in the British press at that time that Mozambique was lurching to the right. Marcelino dos Santos and Jorge Rebello had been moved from their ministerial positions to full-time party work. This has been described as demotion following the defeat of an imagined left-wing faction. The country's attempts to attract foreign investments and the encouragement of local private traders was said to indicate a return to ‘the capitalist road’ .