Briefing from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 24
Fishing Cooperatives on Lake Niassa

Fishing Cooperatives on Lake Niassa: Seeds of a New Socialist Class or New Roots for an Exploiting Class?
Vol.9 No.24 (Summer 1982), pp85-95
All my life I have been a rebel and a dreamer. All my life I have kicked around on the margins of society and the fringe of the law, an aimless wanderer with no sense of purpose to my life. As a youth I rebelled from my family. They arrived in Mozambique 40-odd years ago, already a rich and powerful family in Portugal. They came here to get richer and more powerful and they did. But that was no life for me. I was suffocated by the city life of Laurengo Marques; the mindless formality and racist oppression of the Portuguese fascist state smothered and stifled any spark of life in our get-rich culture. I left home as a youth and went into the bush living as a hunter with the Africans, then as a game fisherman. Then together with some friends I started a farm. We were a wild bunch . When the PIDE (Portuguese secret police) finally busted us they surprisingly found no dope - but that didn't matter, we were labelled ‘subversives’ and thrown in jail. My uncle was then a high court judge and I and my friends were out in a few months.