Note from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 24
Wamba is free

Wamba is free
Vol.9 No.24 (Summer 1982), p3
News has recently been received of the release from city-arrest in Kinshasa of the well-known Zaïrean progressive historian, Ernest Wamba-dia-Wamba, and his return to Dar as Salaam where he is a History lecturer at the University. Wamba was arrested by Zaïrean authorities in December 1981 on the occasion of a short trip home to visit his family; no charges were ever brought against him. For 34 days he was held in detention in one of Kinshasa's worst jails, and for the next 9 months he was kept under city arrest in Kinshasa and not allowed to leave the country. There was an international outcry over his detention and the Zaïrean authorities were finally obliged to release him on October 6, 1982. He returned to Dar as Salaam on November 7.