Article from ROAPE Volume 9 Number 23
Whose State? State & Capitalist Development in Nigerian

Whose State? State and Capitalist Development in Nigerian
Vol.9 No.23 (Spring 1982), pp37-51
General issues raised by the author's two previous contributions to this Review, in Nos.19 and 22, are here applied to an analysis of the character of the Nigerian state and the nature of its interrelationships with capital foreign, local and capital-in-general. Oversimplifications that blame ‘underdevelopment’ on international capital working through a straight neocolonial state, and those that see a national bourgeoisie able to use state power against imperialism to promote national capitalist development are rejected as at best part-truths. The state is seen as also and primarily an instrument for promoting the conditions for accumulation for capital in general. Further specification of the nature of the state depends on an analysis of the class struggle such activities inevitably involve, in their particular Nigerian context.