Note from ROAPE Volume 8 Number 22
University of Zambia closed again

University of Zambia closed again
Vol.8 No.22 (Winter 1981), p4
Student criticism of the newly set up Institute of Human Relations, that it was designed to preach ‘humanism’ , Kaunda's official ideology, led to the University being closed once more. A similar closure, plus detention of students and staff, occurred in 1976 when students declared support for MPLA in the war in Angola and exposed the Zambian Government's support for UNITA and collusion with South Africa and the CIA. This time there were no detentions, but some foreign staff have been sacked and deported - once again the accusation that ‘indiscipline (was) provoked from outside’ (made by Lord Hatch, old British Labour Party hack, biographer of Kaunda, and his appointee as Director of the Institute) could not be better calculated to incense students to protest, having been thus tacitly accused of not having minds of their own. We urge readers to send protests at the closure and sackings to: President Kenneth Kaunda, State House, Lusaka, Zambia.