Review from ROAPE Volume 8 Number 21
Unity and Struggle (Cabral)

Unity and Struggle by Amilcar Cabral
Vol.8 No.21 (Summer 1981), pp118-119
Amilcar Cabral is generally considered to be the leading Marxist theoretician on the African continent. He founded the PAIGC (African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde) in 1956 and led a successful struggle against Portuguese colonial rule until his assassination in January 1973. Here for the first time we have a major collection of his writings in a single volume which will surely be welcomed by all those interested in the emergent socialist states and Marxist parties of Africa. Cabral's genius, for such as it was, is that he transcended the all too common pattern of Third World revolutionaries mouthing the undigested polemic of Moscow or Peking in a form totally unsuited to their own reality. Cabral's Marxism was of a different and original kind, applying the method within the context of the African experience. This above all also makes for the originality of his work and undoubtedly contributed to the eventual success of the movement that he led.