Briefing from ROAPE Volume 8 Number 21
Libya & Chad

Libya and Chad
Vol.8 No.21 (Summer 1981), pp84-98
Libya's intervention in Chad's civil war last year, which reached its climax in mid-December 1980 with Libyan tanks in the capital, N'Jamena, seems, at least, to have created a temporary respite in the 15 year long struggle. The transitional government under President Goukouni Oueddei, the GUNT, which was set up by the Lagos Accord in August 1979, now formally extends its authority throughout the country and resistance is confined to the Abeche region, along the border with Sudan. The factions that make up the GUNT - now that Hissan Habre's FAN forces have been defeated - have accepted an uneasy co=operation in the interests of peace, although they have considerable misgivings over the implications of Libya's intervention and four of the minor ones recently defected to Habre because of the continued Libyan presence in Chad.