Briefing from ROAPE Volume 7 Number 19
SA: Is Both's Total Strategy a Programme of Reform?

South Africa: Is Both's Total Strategy a Programme of Reform?
Vol.7 No.19 (Winter 1980), pp91-96
Cabinet Reshuffle In September 1980 South African Prime Minister P W Botha announced a major cabinet reshuffle to take effect from the 7 October 1980. Among the new appointments were: Magnus Malan, formerly chief of the Defence Force, becomes Minister of Defence. This appointment of a serving officer to the Cabinet is unprecedented in recent South African history and clearly reflects the growing importance of the military in policy formulation. Gerrit Viljoen, Administrator of Namibia and former head of the Broederbond, becomes Minister of National Education. Viljoen is widely regarded as one of Afrikaner Nationalism's best strategists and his appointment clearly foreshadows some attempt to restructure the education system, a site of much recent unrest.