Debate from ROAPE Volume 7 Number 19
Zimbabwe's Emerging African Bourgeoisie

Zimbabwe's Emerging African Bourgeoisie
Vol.7 No.19 (Winter 1980), pp63-69
Much has already been written concerning the various development strategies being proposed for Zimbabwe (see Review No.18). This article would like to explore a hitherto neglected dimension in the literature. The various proposals are concerned with transforming, in one way or another, existing production relationships within the overall social formation. Development strategies in other words have implications for the future class structure of Zimbabwe. But development strategies are also determined by class forces, acting independently within society as well as at the level of political parties and the state. In considering possible development strategies we should examine what those class forces might be and where they might be going, perhaps irrespective of the stated wishes of the government. In this regard our prime concern here is to discover if and where there is an embryonic indigenous bourgeoisie in Zimbabwe which may find the chance for growth previously denied it.