Article from ROAPE Volume 7 Number 19
Imperialism & Capitalist Transf.: Critique of Kenya Debate

Imperialism and Capitalist Transformation: Critique of a Kenyan Debate
Vol.7 No.19 (Winter 1980), pp48-62
The question of whether or not a dependency model is applicable to Kenya has been subject to considerable recent debate. Beckman offers a critique of the overall terms in which the debate has been cast. He argues that the critics of underdevelopment theory have failed to transcend its problematic and its misdirected identification of contradictions. They have in consequence placed unjustified emphasis on the state as an instrument of ‘factional’ interests. Defenders of the dependency position have for their part been unable to place their analysis within the framework of the logic of capital accumulation, imperialism and class formation. But for Beckman it is only in terms of the general requirements of capital accumulation that the relation of the state to underlying class forces can be adequately understood.