Article from ROAPE Volume 7 Number 18
Prospects for Socialist Transition in Zimbabwe

The Prospects for Socialist Transition in Zimbabwe
Vol.7 No.18 (Summer 1980), pp68-88
This article argues there is no alternative in the short run to the compromise tactics that ZANU (PF) has had to adopt in the few months that it has been in power; but it also seeks to discover whether they will, in the future, become its long run strategy. The movement's guiding principles at this stage of Zimbabwe's struggle has been summed up by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe as ‘Reconciliation, Reconstruction and Resettlement’ . At the same time, in its election manifesto, ZANU (PF) set its goals for Zimbabwe's future as ‘to reconstruct Zimbabwe's economy and evolve a socialist pattern in which the country's resources are fully tapped for the common benefit of all the people of Zimbabwe’