Article from ROAPE Volume 7 Number 18
People's Mood: Voice of a Guerilla Poet

The People's Mood: The Voice of a Guerilla Poet
Vol.7 No.18 (Summer 1980), pp29-43
The article is Chimedza's poetry. Its significance is as a powerful expression of the hopes and aspirations of the young guerrillas who fought and won the war against the settlers in Zimbabwe. Through the poetry of one of them, Chimedza, ably interpreted by the author, we see the brutality of colonialism and the resistance it engendered through the eyes of one militant youth. The poems are divided into three categories: the economy, the oppressive conditions and the war effort. Above all though, the poems articulate the expectations of the people, which the future government of Zimbabwe will rapidly have to meet. This is the key message which Mzamane draws from his study. The article finishes by speculation on the future literary trends in Zimbabwe and examines the role of writers as critics of African governments.