Article from ROAPE Volume 7 Number 17
Proletarianization of Women in Tanzania

The Proletarianization of Women in Tanzania
Vol.7 No.17 (Spring 1980), pp4-27
Roughly 87% of all Tanzanian women live in the countryside. The bulk of Tanzania women's economic activity, therefore is related to peasant agricultural production and domestic rural household reproduction. Tanzanian women's position has not however, remained static over time. Peasant women have experienced and have themselves acted to effect profound changes in the nature of rural production and reproduction. One consequence of these changes has been a slow but pronounced process of proletarianisation. In this article it is argued that Tanzania peasant women have increasingly become directly involved in the process of proletarianisation. Moreover, female proletarianisation has taken a voluntary from which represents a significant step in Tanzanian women's struggles. The first section of this paper elaborates some key concepts in an attempt to construct schematically the theoretical context for section two analysis of Tanzanian women's proletarianization.