Article from ROAPE Volume 6 Number 14
Tale of Two Regimes: Imperialism/Military/Class: Ghana

A Tale of Two Regimes: Imperialism, the Military and Class: Ghana
Vol.6 No.14 (Spring 1979), pp36-55
Written before the 1979 coup led by Jerry Rawlings, and the return to civilian rule, this article provide essential background information to the crisis which triggered the overthrow. Analysis of the social character and economic policies of the two earlier regimes of 1966 and 1972 is made. It is argued that such an analysis has to explore the complex relations between imperialism and the petty bourgeoisie, and between different fractions of the petty bourgeoisie. In both regimes, there was a common stance of compromise with imperialism, and a common fate: recurrent crises from the differing attempts to mediate between foreign and local capital.