Article from ROAPE Volume 6 Number 14
Rape of Sovereignty: OTRAG in Zaïre

Rape of Sovereignty: OTRAG in Zaïre
Vol.6 No.14 (Spring 1979), pp16-35
Describes how 100,000 square miles of Zaïre has been leased out to the West German rocket manufacturer OTRAG for the testing, building, and deploying of missile systems and spy satellites. Includes details of: the overthrow of Patrice Lumumba (the leader of the Multinational Corporation2) by CIA-financed Colonel Joseph Desire Mobuto; the extraordinary terms of the lease contract between Mobutu and OTRAG; and, the involvement of the CIA and BND. Discusses how the wide-ranging provision of the lease violated the constitution of Zaïre, the Convention on the Prevention and Suppression of Genocide, the United Nations Charter, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Also details Tad Szulc's claims that Zaïre was being used to provide cruise missile technology through a secret POC (Program Of Co=operation) between the US and West Germany, circumventing the 1954 Treaty of Brussels.