Debate from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 12
Zambia: Class Formation & Detente - A Comment

Zambia: Class Formation and Detente - A Comment
Vol.5 No.12 (Summer 1978), pp114-119
Eriksen's earlier article (see link below) attempts to explain the rise of an indigenous bourgeoisie in Zambia; SWAPO (South West African People's Organisation), ZANU (Zimbabwe African National Union), UDI (Unilateral Declaration of Independence); Rhodesia; UPP (United Progressive Party); UNIP (United National Independence Party); Simon Kapwepwe; Kaunda; TAZARA railway; MPLA The article by Karen Eriksen in ROAPE 9 attempts to explain the Zambian government's recent international stance as resulting from the rise of an "indigenous bourgeoisie" that is in "alliance with international capital... likely to increase its demands on, and influence over, the state" (pp.26). In the recent past the government has become "more prone to compromise and to deliver (liberation) movements up to the negotiating table as a result of the country's perilous economic crisis."