Briefing from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 12
Towards a Political Economy of Liberia

Towards a Political Economy of Liberia
Vol.5 No.12 (Summer 1978), pp105-113
bourgeois; Death of William V S Tublin; present president William R Tolbert (Mesurdo Group of Companies); history; Edward Wilmot Blyden, father of Pan-Africanism; UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association); MOJA (Movement for Justice in Africa); APFA (All-Peoples Freedom Alliance); CAPRIL (Committee Against Political Repression in Liberia); SUSUKUU; LAMCO, Bong Mines, Firestone As Frantz Fanon pointed out: ‘The bourgeoisie dictatorship of underdeveloped countries draws its strength from the existence of a leader’ . Thus, the death in 1971 of William V S Tubman, Liberia's leader for 27 unbroken years, was an important turning point in the country's 130 years' history.