Article from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 12
Class Struggles in Ghana's Mining Industry

Class Struggles in Ghana's Mining Industry
Vol.5 No.12 (Summer 1978), pp67-86
CPP (Convention People's Party); GSMC (Ghana State Mining Coporation); GMWU (Ghana Mineworkers' Union); D K Foevie; Nkrumah; IMF (International Monetary Fund); Tarkwa Goldfields; AGC (Ashanti Goldfields Corporation); Lonrho; Konogo; Busia; NRC (National Redemption Council); SMC (Supreme Military Council); gold; The first 20 years of Ghanaian independence has seen industrial relations in the mining industry transformed from the relative stability of the early Nkrumah years when the mineworkers' living standards constantly rose, to a fierce confrontation by the rank and file workers, not only with the military regime, but also with the trades union leadership. The alliance of mining capital, the State and the trades union bureaucracy which faces the mineworkers has resulted in their development of a militant class consciousness. As yet, it is a defensive consciousness, disruptive, but not linked to any socialist transition in Ghana.