Editorial from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 12
Mining & Mine Labour

Mining and Mine Labour
Vol.5 No.12 (Summer 1978), pp1-4
Soviet intervention in Africa; Mining companies and mining economies; minerals in a changing international order; Mineworkers, Unions and the State. Our first article is a companion-piece to that of Fred Halliday, in No.10 of the Review, who documented US involvement in the Horn of Africa. Lyons' article is concerned with Soviet involvement in the area, and especially in the bizarre events of the last two years. It seeks to explain the role of the USSR by arguing, principally, that pursuit of state interest ‘narrowly’ conceived, has been the basis of Soviet foreign policy since 1917. It thus rejects the simplistic alternative notions of the USSR as the disinterested supporter of national liberation and socialist movements on the one hand, or as a ‘social imperialist’ superpower motivated by discernible imperatives of its economic system, on the other.