Review from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 11
Books of the 1976 Revolt

Books of the 1976 Revolt
Vol.5 No.11 (Spring 1978), pp101-108
Discussed ‘Black South Africa Explodes’ , ‘Survey of Race Relations in South Africa’ , ‘Black Review’ , ‘Black Theology’ and others; South Africa, Cape Town, Soweto, Afrikaans. Ends with note on new information from SASO/BPC, which to be published in ‘Year of Fire, Year of Ash’ . The revolt of 1976 in South Africa was, by any standards, momentous. Tens of thousands of people in over 150 towns and villages responded to calls from the youth and demonstrated, marched, boycotted, and clashed with armed police over a period of six months. Their heroism, their unflinching stand against armoured cars, tear gas, and bullets introduced a new era of politics in South Africa. Inevitably there has been a desire to learn more about these momentous events - and to read again of the march of June 16, of the joint demonstrations of Coloured and African youth in Cape Town, of the massive stay-at-home that paralysed industry and commerce in many of the main urban centres, and of the boycott of shebeens and of Christmas celebrations.