Debate from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 11
After Soweto

After Soweto
Vol.5 No.11 (Spring 1978), pp93-100
Mafeji, SA, ANC, class-struggle, Zulu, Unity Movements, defiance campaigns, SOYA (Sons of Young Africa) Archie Mafeje's Soweto and its Aftermath deals not only with the student struggles in South Africa of the last few years but also with some of the questions which are critical for an evaluation of the tasks of revolutionaries in that country. Whether directly or by implication these questions include: (1) the analysis of the character of the student movement and struggle, and the relationship of the student movement to the national and working class organisations, and, by extension, the role of classes, and the class leadership of the revolution; (2) the relationship of internal to external forms of organisation; (3) the relationship of the armed struggle to political struggles; (4) the national revolution and the socialist revolution, that is, notions of two-stage revolution.