Editorial from ROAPE Volume 5 Number 11
Special Issue on SA

Special Issue on South Africa
Vol.5 No.11 (Spring 1978), pp1-5
ANC (African National Congress), PAC (Pan African Congress), coloured and indians, Unity Movement This number of the Review concentrates on certain areas of Africa where the struggle against imperialism has intensified to the point of open conflict. In particular, the stage reached in both Southern Africa and the Western Sahara is analyzed in some depth. However, a feature of this issue is the diversity of views expressed by those analysing conditions within South Africa itself. The articles by Mbeki, Mafeje, Hirson, Bozzoli, Innes and Plaut, and Mohan all seek in one form or another to come to grips with the problem of the nature of capitalist society in South Africa and, consequently, to throw some light on the nature of the struggle in that country.