Briefing from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 10
Eritrea: Intervention & Self-Reliance

Eritrea: Intervention and Self-Reliance
Vol.4 No.10 (Winter 1977), pp105-114
The first of the two documents from the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF) is a statement of their position on the most recent events and on the role of various international forces, especially the Soviet Union and Cuba, who they claim, despite undertakings not to get involved in Eritrea, already had a presence there in March 1978.&break;Two arguments are advanced to support the actions of these countries: that the Eritrean question is not one of self-determination (and is thus different from Western Sahara) but of changing the frontiers of Africa; that the Eritrean liberation struggle has forfeited any support from ‘progressive’ forces as it is a puppet of the most conservative Arab states and Iran. "The Sudanese-Egyptian-Saudi front is ... trying to impose rightist movements - imperialist fiefdoms - in Ethiopia", says Fidel. While there is some partial truth in this, the EPLF claim it is not true of them and that they are still observing a liberation strategy of "self-reliance". The second document spells out some of the theory and the practice of this self-reliance.