Briefing from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 10
Tanzania Students Protest Politician's Spoils

Tanzania Students Protest Politician's Spoils
Vol.4 No.10 (Winter 1977), pp101-105
The documents here explain the circumstances in which over 300 students from the University and two other institutions were summarily dismissed. Some reports have said that a few students were detained, and this has not been confirmed or denied. At the end of May 1978 President Nyerere announced the intention of reinstating the students, but this is apparently to be conditional on certain undertakings by them and (for some) in five years' time. Meanwhile the criticisms the students made in their memorandum to the party of the decision of MPs and Ministers to award themselves huge rises in the light of overall policies and the economic situation, and their more basic questioning of the nature of the Tanzanian state in a leaflet they distributed (in Swahili) to the public, these are still very relevant questions.