Editorial from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 10
Peasants, Capital & the State

Peasants, Capital and the State
Vol.4 No.10 (Winter 1977), pp1-6
Defines peasants, the ‘peasant problem’ , World Bank type strategies, discussing of SAED (Societe d'Amenagement et d'Exploitation des Terres du Delta du Fleuve Senegal) The masses of Africa are peasants. This does not mean that they are timeless, independent cultivators outside the modern world. On the contrary, we speak of them as peasants just because they have been subordinated and incorporated by that world, by social forces outside their own communities. Incorporation and subordination are effectuated by economic and political means. Relations of exchange and appropriation have been established. The state plays a crucial role in this process. The state also imposes its own claims on the surplus of peasant production.