Briefing from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 9
Liberation and Working Class Struggles in SA

Liberation and Working Class Struggles in South Africa
Vol.4 No.9 (Summer 1977), pp78-82
The general resistance of black people in SA to the apartheid regime is developing into a challenge both to the racist state and to employers. Both have been confronted through the attacks on the foundations of the state machinery of labour control in the townships and through the mass political strikes which have lead to mass demonstrations and a disruption of production. The black working class has drawn upon a long experience of proletarian struggle in SA in the form of the political strikes and boycotts of collaborative institutions. In July and September 1976 there were up to half a million black workers on strike, and the 1977 Soweto ‘anniversary’ political strike was more successful than was presented by the media in SA. The deepening resistance by black workers to the intense exploitation of the their labour power is being met by tightened controls over working class organisation and mobility, and the struggle has been marked by class action which is both anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist. More ....