Briefing from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 9
Namibia: Latest Round of Negotiations & Continuing Struggle

Namibia: The Latest Round of Negotiations and The Continuing Struggle
Vol.4 No.9 (Summer 1977), pp74-78
Reading the South African press one might be forgiven for believing that Pretoria had experienced the blinding light of conversion over Namibia. Even the press now refer to the illegal colony as SWA/Namibia and claims that ‘the National Party Government is now creating in SWA/Namibia the diametric opposite of everything it has fought and schemed for 29 years to create in South Africa: a totally non-racial democracy’ (Johannesburg Star, 22 October 1977). Whites in this bastion of reaction itself have welcomed the loosening of apartheid laws because they believe it will stave off international criticism. The optimism is reflected by a property boom in Windhoek, with a number of German speakers reported to be leaving the Western Cape to return to ‘South West’ .