Briefing from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 9
Outline of the Armed Struggle in Zimbabwe

An Outline of the Armed Struggle in Zimbabwe
Vol.4 No.9 (Summer 1977), pp64-68
The 1977 British/American proposals for a settlement in Rhodesia are a last ditch attempt by the SA government, and the Western powers to reach an accommodation which will stop the future Zimbabwe from falling into the hand of revolutionaries fighting for a radical transformation of its society. The success of the armed liberation struggle is the impetus behind the proposals and the recent efforts for an ‘internal’ solution. But the war has gone largely unreported in the Western press. This has partly been due to the difficulties put in the way of reporting by the regime: the movement and copy of journalists (who are carefully vetted) are rigidly controlled, they are not allowed to visit the rural areas, and they are swamped by a vast mass of pre-digested material. The regime's propaganda war is essential to the morale of the whites, the recruitment of foreign mercenaries, and to its negotiating position vis-a-vis the West.