Article from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 9
Imperialism & the National Struggle in Namibia

Imperialism and the National Struggle in Namibia
Vol.4 No.9 (Summer 1977), pp44-59
The struggle for national liberation in Namibia has developed historically into a confrontation between the SWAPO on the one hand the apartheid regime in SA on the other. Yet over the last few years we have witnessed the rise of other political groupings inside Namibia, the staging of the so-called ‘Turnhalle’ Constitutional Conference and the open involvement of the major Western powers in the struggle. This article attempts to explore the broader issue of SA imperialist involvement in Namibia and to examine the response of the Namibian people to that involvement. In so doing it will attempt to throw some light on the current stage of the struggle and to assess some of the more important recent political developments in relation to that broader struggle.