Review from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 8
Towards New Intern'l Econ Division of Labour? (Annerstedt)

Towards a New International Economic Division of Labour? Patterns of Dependence and Conditions for Liberation in the Periphery of Capitalism by Jan Annerstedt and Rolf Gustavson
Vol.4 No.8 (Spring 1977), pp133-134
This handy 100 page book is useful as an introduction to some of the recent issues about development. It attempts to up-date analyses which are still too often rooted in the old division of labour, one producing ‘colonial’ dependence - monocultural export of raw materials in an enclave economy. Because this is no longer the pattern, the traditional prescription - a strategy of nationalisation, industrialisation and planning - is not likely to work, as they show with respect to Algeria in particular. The new dependence is one of technology, made available by multinational corporations on their own terms.