Briefing from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 8
Socialism & the Future of Africa

Socialism and the Future of Africa
Vol.4 No.8 (Spring 1977), pp121-126
The following are extracts from a report of a seminar on ‘Non-Capitalist Development in Africa’ held in Helsinki, August 1976. The national liberation movement in Africa has reached a qualitatively new level in its development. The essence of this new stage in the revolutionary process is characterized by the transfer of the focal point of the struggle from a generalized, external-oriented anti-colonialist movement, to an intensification of the confrontation of internal class forces and the struggle for social liberation. Consequently, the core question in this period, from which all other issues derive their content, is whether the progressive forces in the young African states will succeed in transforming the first, anti-imperialist stage of the national liberation struggle into the battle against capitalism in all its exploitative forms. Through neo-colonial ties, political ploys and occasionally overt interventions, imperialism has succeeded in keeping thus far the majority of African states within the sphere of the world capitalist system, economically and politically.