Article from ROAPE Volume 4 Number 8
Modes of Production & Kenyan Dependency

Modes of Production and Kenyan Dependency
Vol.4 No.8 (Spring 1977), pp56-74
This paper aims to show that the concept of a world capitalist mode of production is necessary to analyse Kenyan dependency, and also aims to develop some concepts with which to explore class relations in Kenya. First we shall show that the attempt to develop the alternative conceptualisation of the ‘capitalist mode of production in Kenya’ is an impossibility. Secondly, another alternative of ‘pre-capitalist mode(s)’ is considered and also rejected. Third, a complex of more specific concepts is generated which taken together can define the Kenyan situation more adequately, and involves an examination of Kenya's position in the world capitalist mode of circulation and production of commodities, and the position of different classes within this set of production/circulation relations.