Briefing from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 7
Open letter from The Uganda Group for Human Rights

An Open letter from The Uganda Group for Human Rights
Vol.3 No.7 (Winter 1976), pp124-126
Dear Sir, Re: - Gross violations of human rights in Uganda 1. - We write to request you urgently to bring to the attention of all African Heads of State and governments the blatant violations of human rights and callous disdain for the sanctity of life that has characterised Field Marshal Amin's six year rule in Uganda. Ugandans who have fled Amin's reign of terror have hitherto remained silent for fear of endangering the lives of their relatives and friends in Uganda. It is now clear to us that this silence can no longer serve any useful purpose. Our silence has merely allowed Amin to oppress and murder the Ugandan masses. We, Ugandans exiled in the United Kingdom, have formed the Uganda Group for Human Rights to expose the inhumanity of the Amin regime, and to rebut the despicable falsehoods perpetuated by the apologists of fascism in Uganda.