Article from ROAPE Volume 3 Number 6
Situation of Agricultural Workers in Kenya

The Situation of Agricultural Workers in Kenya
Vol.3 No.6 (Summer 1976), pp34-50
The most numerous and most degraded workers in Kenya are the agricultural workers. Their wages are below subsistence. The position of women workers is especially bad. An examination of the KPAWU (Kenya Plantation and Agricultural Workers' Union) reveals its failure to improve its members' conditions in any way. In the absence of support for workers in the higher echelons of government, the only hope is for strengthened organisation among the workers themselves. Ticket system (kipande); Kenya Coffee Growers Assn.; Sisal, tea; COTU (unknown???) Report; KANU (Kenya African National Union); Philip Mwangi; KUSPW (Kenya Union of Sugar Plantation Workers);